There’s something seriously wrong with our overarching way of thinking when we can be told a single negative thing, and it impacts us for years, but we are told thousands of times the many ways we are positive, and we still don’t believe it. Call it a constant need for self-improvement and betterment, but there is entirely too much focus on negativity and the ways in which we are not enough. You can be told countless times how beautiful, and smart, and kind, and good you are, and it might just be noise if you were once incorrectly told that you were (in any way) not beautiful, not smart, not kind, not good. But, as once was declared by the Anima Series, you are never too much, and you are always enough.

Be honest, but remain tactful and kind. Tell people what they need to hear in a way that builds them up, instead of tearing them down. Everything we are taught about constructive criticism and sandwiching a complaint between two compliments means nothing if it is not done from a place of love and kindness. In fact, any other intention can do more harm than good, because we are more perceptive than we think. And so frequently, we perceive things that are untrue or not even intended, because of this tendency toward negativity and self-destruction.

People are like glass. We are delicate, fragile, we break easily, and we lose our shine without proper care. But to pull from Thompson Square, we are shaped by the light we let through us. Instead of viewing yourself with the negative light that someone once cast upon you, choose instead to look at the positives, and reflect those things back into the world.


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