Fall’s first frosty fingers dance through my braid, sending flyaways swirling past the turquoise and pearls in my ears and putting a much-appreciated crispness into the August air. During the morning feed, I turn up my collar against the return of the frost, a flake of hay in one hand and a thermos of coffee in the other. It’s still shirtsleeve weather during the day, the sun warming my back just enough to be pleasant as I saddle and ride out after breakfast. The summer heat isn’t something I’ll miss.

It’s the time of year when the weather is beginning to hint at changing. The aspen leaves are turning the slightest tinge of yellow. The temperature, always twenty degrees colder at 9000 feet than in the towns below, is starting to drop, and the days are getting shorter. The Perseid meteors have passed in all their glittering, and we have entered the final stretch of summer.

Summer’s finale was difficult the last two years. It was marked by hugs goodbye and promises to keep in touch, as my seasonal ranch employment ended and I headed back to school. There was still some excitement associated with the start of a new school year, but most of the transition was marked by the culture shock of ranch life versus city life. That annual memory is still floating around in the back of my mind, telling me to prepare myself for Detroit after months of high country solitude. But for the most part, I’ve realized that I’m not going back, and there are so many new opportunities presenting themselves to me in the form of experience-gaining adventures. As fall continues to set in, I’m embracing those opportunities and enjoying the ride.


(One Down – The Trishas)

(“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” –Albus Dumbledore/J.K. Rowling)

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