Hey, I’m Amy. Welcome to Beloved Harvest! Here you’ll find some of my thoughts on life, generally inspired by my passion for the outdoors, adventure, and sustainable agriculture.

I was born in Detroit, and grew up travelling each summer with my parents. The places we were able to visit set a fire in my heart, for a love of new experiences with a mindset of endless exploration. I also grew up playing softball and riding horses. Softball took me to college, and horses took me to Colorado. I spent my college summers working on a ranch in the Rockies, returning to school in Detroit each fall. After graduation, I headed back to the mountains, to learn more in-depth about the working side of the grass-fed cattle and bison industries.

Now, I’m back in the mitten state, living in the northeast lower peninsula, learning more about many different sides of agriculture, and roping some dreams I’ve had since day one. Stay tuned for a bunch of adventures on the way toward my goals.

Some things I love: Jesus. Horses. America. My chocolate Lab pup, Lindy. Carhartt, it’s a Detroit company, gotta rep the hometown! Campfires. Fine horsemanship. Cattle. Hiking. Camping. Shed antlers. Ranch life. Coffee. Pendleton, both Woolen Mills and Whisky. Breakfast food. Mexican food. Utah. The designated hitter. Good music, books, and movies. Art, especially photography and watercolor painting. Kayaking. Love. Honesty. Hard work. Respect. Figuring out life and learning along the way.

My blog name, Beloved Harvest, comes from the meanings of my first and middle name. Amy means “beloved” in Latin, and Theresa means “harvest” in Greek. Put them together and there ya go 😉 Beloved Harvest is also the name of my Etsy shop, which you can visit by clicking here.

I hope you read something among these posts that makes you think or makes you laugh. Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

Those to whom God gives riches and property, and grants power to partake of them, so that they receive their lot and find joy in the fruits of their toil: This is a gift from God. For they will hardly dwell on the shortness of life, because God lets them busy themselves with the joys of their hearts.” – Ecclesiastes 5:18-19, NABRE


Not my dog at Woods Landing, Wyoming.


One of my two most favorite horses (and coworkers), Honcho.


The second of my two most favorite horses (and coworkers), Rio Jones.


This one actually is my dog. Lindy at two months old.

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(All content belongs to me, unless otherwise noted.)

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy, What a joy it has been to read your blog! Reading your blog has not only brought me near tears with pride and admiration for you but has brought an understanding of why people blog and have followers.

    Your ability to write extremely well doesn’t surprise me because as your past teacher I knew you were blessed with such a gift and have taken time to hone those skills each year of your life since you were a fifth grader as evidenced by your numer100027924723 now share with others. But YOU astonish me with your insightful views on life – and you are only 22 years young. I would love to be around when you turn 100 years old and read your memoir. What adventures and accomplishments you will have to enlighten and encourage others.

    From reading your blog I believe you have an earthly mission to champion ways to better care for our environment, humanity and our beloved animals (both wild and domestic). I am so encouraged by your words, which express many of my own thoughts and beliefs after having lived 61 years. You have the insights far beyond your years and the physical youth to make a difference. Choose what you are most passionate about and forge a plan to bring about change or prevent changes that erode your vision of life. I believe your actions will speak even louder than your beautifully insightful words. Affectionately, K. Kellogg

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  2. Amy…..I knew the moment I met you that I would witness wonderful events through your eyes in the pictures you take and now in the words you write. Your gifts continue to amaze me and inspire me. Keep reaching for those dreams girl!!
    See you soon!
    Love you, Marianne


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